Remembered, ALWAYS!

Moncton has gone through a hard part of it’s history in the last couple of days. Never in my life would I have believed that this would’ve happened in this small quiet city.

Wednesday June 4th was the day where a civilian took it upon himself to impose his law and his ruling over the town of Moncton. By doing so, 3 heroes, constable Ross, constable Larche and constable Gevaudan paid the ultimate sacrifice trying to protect the city from this individual.

Moncton was in lock down for more than 36 hours before they found the perpetrator and put him under custody. On the night of June 5th. I was overwhelmed with emotion wanting to thank the RCMP and with mourning as well. I wanted to pay tribute to those three heroes in my own personal way.

This piece took me just about an hour to complete. The horse are representing the three fallen heroes galloping over a city line of Moncton as protectors.

I will never forget those 3 officers. This piece was brought to the Moncton RCMP headquarters as a thank you gift and memorial.


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