Folie des Arts

Everything happened during the festival!!

The festival was quite an experience. When we arrived on Saturday it had rained last night so the tent was wet. We commençé to hang the piece on the frame of the tent when water began to spill over the sides. Water falling on the works by chance, I have not been damaged. I installed works on strings and the flurry of 50km / h parts turning. It was the revirée constantly that’s when my wife said, using the pin and unissont all channels together. What we fîment. Perfect, nothing moved but the wind was blowing very hard, so hard around 1:30 in the afternoon, the wind toppled and broken our tent. We received additional tables and we restament 3 hours under the sun, phew.

Several exhibitors saw their tent to get hit. The organizers therefore decided to set up at the farmers market. What was really nice the next day.

We met some lovely people, lived quite an experience and we burned.

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