supporte l'acceptation de l'autisme. supports Autism Acceptance. ----------------------------- We donate 20% of the sale's profits to a local Autism resource center. Nous donnons 20% des bénéfices de la vente à un centre de ressources locale de l'autisme. ----------------------------- En savoir plus / Know more ... Visionnez notre galerie! Voir galerie / View Gallery Take a look at our gallery! -----------------------------

Like Son, Like Father

The Whale This work of art has a interesting story, my boy begins to understand what I do and tries to copy my style of work. Several times he asks me to draw an animal, and every time I told him I do not know what will come out. Well, this time, my boy decided to take the reigns by […]
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Folie des Arts

Everything happened during the festival!! The festival was quite an experience. When we arrived on Saturday it had rained last night so the tent was wet. We commençé to hang the piece on the frame of the tent when water began to spill over the sides. Water falling on the works by chance, I have not been damaged. I installed […]
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Show your colors!!

We now have 2 t-shirts available for sale. One with the “I dream of Canada” piece and the other with the Acadian theme. The T-shirts are also available in women size (V-necks). Each shirt is for sale at 25$, a portion of the proceeds is going to be donated towards Autism Canada. Show your Colors!! To order, send me a […]
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Another Mermaid

This project was special ordered back in January to be delivered in April. I had fun exploring the underwater realm once more. This mermaid represents liberty and comfort.
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