1st piece : Genesis

I was suggested that I try something different for my saturday postings while I’m at the market . Every other Saturday , I find myself at the Dieppe Market, I make connections and meet new people. However, time passes quickly but sometimes it can also be long. That’s why I bring my drawing books and today, I decided to try a suggestion launched by Glen Munro at Brain Diesel, and share my creative process in a work .

This work is called Genesis . Why Genesis ? Because this is the first one that started it and who set the style in which I was going to create during the last 20 years. At the time, I was hanging out in bars, I had decided one evening to bring my drawing book to amuse me. I started to do some features, just like that without preconceptions . The flur-de-lys appeared and then came the French pirate hat around it. Seeing the hat, I decided to draw lines below and invest in a French soldier or monarch, from the 16th or 17th century period. When the monarch was completed , he was lonely in the middle of the page. So I decided to build a landscape around him, but I did not know what place I could illustrate him in. So I drew several other lines and quickly, I began to see the head of an elephant with its trunk , the head of a snake , the head of a goat, a whale , etc etc .. ..

After a while , I drew more than 21 heads of animals . When it was over, I took a step back and I found that all of the work looked like a bearded man profile. It was then that I realized the complexity of the work in all its entirety.

I had one of my friends at the time who had written a line, in french, that generally translates to this: ” When the human being ceases to tap his wealth in the questioning, it dries up it’s source of life.” I found this line to be a proper fit and I added in the background .

This work was created 20 years ago , it set in the style of illustration that I have operated for a long period of my life. I found it appropriate that the first work to be featured in this first article was the first one I ever drawn.

I hope you enjoyed this small article and hope to see you for the next . Slip me a note and suggest a piece on which you would like me to explain my creative process in the near future .

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